Interactive web sites TEAMS/SED 594 2001

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Interactive Web Sites to Teach Biology  by Rachel Watras Johns
Includes a brief description and links to Anatomy and Physiology (The Virtual Body, Frog Disection, Histoweb, Web Anatomy); Genetics (Basic Genetics, DNA from the Beginning, Mitosis and Meiosis Quizz, Cat Coat Color Genetics).

Interactive Exercises in Thermodynamics by Kristi Tolman
Links to Exploring the relationship between temperature and kinetic energy, How does temperature affect volume and pressure (qualitative and quantitative), and Helpful hints for the teacher.

Population Dynamics by Christy Bruno, Ross Timmons, and Tom Barrett
Links to Competition Model, Population Dynamic Information, and Wolf / Coyote Interactions. Questions for students.  Link to Foxes and Rabbits Simulation. Link to Wolf / Coyote Competition Table and questions for students.

Interactive Web Sites to Teach Science by Adrianne Moreno
Links to Solar System (Solar System Simulator, Daily Science News, La Historia de Hoy, 9 Planets, Earth Viewer, and Are you ready to take a quizz?); and links to Fun Space Sites (Nasa Kids, Mars Odysee Lands on Mars, and  Nebulae, Supernovas, Stars).

Evolution Unit by Amy Scott and Stephen Hobbs
Theories link leads to brief descriptions of major theories (and links to other sites). Vocabulary link explains important words (and links to other sites). Sexual Selection and Human Evolution link to other sites on the web. Crossword Quizz and Discussion Questions are included, as well as Teacher Resources.

Math and Science Links / Actinium to Zinc  by Anastacia Wyatt and Jody Worden.
First page contains Science Links, Math Links, Interactive Sites, Interactive Environmental Science Sites (including Global Warmind, Extinction, and Virtual From Dissection). The second site has links to Periodic Tables, Chemistry Crossword, and several Quizzes. The two pages are linked to each other.

Evolution by Anthony Fama and Clifford Nafrada
Brief descriptions and links to History of the Universe (Hotu), The Art of Evolution, Human Evolution Activity, and Fossil  Evidence in 3D.

Science / Games / Algebra by Marina Sargeant, Ethan Schwartz, Kenneth Williams, and Danielle McClain.
Science contains questions to stimulate curiosity and links to Worm World, High Altitude Observatory Education Pages, Marine Biology, How Stuff Works, Periodic Table, and Periodic Table of Comic Books. Games contains brief descriptions and links to Math Baseball, Penguin Waiater, and Puzzlemaker. Algebra contains brief descriptions and links to MathSteps, Interactive Algebra, Graphing Linear Equations, and Visual Fractions.


Understanding the Derivative by Scott Adamson and Mark Burtch. (new address)
Four interactive worksheets to understand derivative: Secant Lines Approaching a Tangent Line, How to determine the shape of the derivative from f, Using the derivative to graph the function, How do changes in f affect the derivative and the second derivative. It also includes Evaluation of Learning, and links to Java Grapher. This site is used in conjuction with the CD-ROM "Tools for Enriching Calculus"

Learning Fibonacci sequence by Jiahong Li
Brief description of the site and how to use it. Links to sites related to What is Fibonacci sequence?, Fibonacci Sequence in Nature, Fibonacci Numbers and Golden Ratio, Fibonacci Spirals in Art, and Quizzes and Activities.

Angles and triangles by Cumali Oksuz, Wayne Porter, and Bahadir Yanik
Brief descriptions and links to What is my angle, Types of triangles, What is my sum?, and Angles of a Triangle. It includes a Teachers Guide.

Technology Activities by Thomas Rothery
Provides links to  TI-89 Graphing Calculator Activity , to  TI-92 Graphing Calculator Activity , and to  TI-83 Graphing Calculator Activity  (pdf file).

Awsome Interactive Projects by Denis Lawton
Interactive projects for students. Provides a brief description and links to Watch Your Bill Grow, You're the Doctor, Race Against Time, Various Interactive Math Games, and Lets Make a Deal.

Math Puzzles by Christina Jameson
Brief descriptions and links to Cool Math, Free Puzzles, The Leaves of Math, Splendor of Autumn Leaves, Cut-the-knot.

Interactive Mathematics for Teachers and Students by Anne Jack, Abby Pressly, Jerry Summers, and Carolyn Smith
Maximum Area has description and link to Maximize Area Activity as well as Instructions to Accompany the lesson (an interesting connection is to the trajectory of a golf ball). Conservation of Area has description and link to Conservation of Area applet.  The final part has a description of Cut-the-knot which has a wealth of materials and a selection of some. In Arithmetic/Algebra it briefly describes a few such as Breaking Chocolate Bars. In Geometry a few are selected and described. The same for Games/Puzzles, and Probability.

Add Pizzazz to Your Classroom by Frankie Sullivan and Maryam Tehranian.
Brief description of several sites such as,, and pages within those sites.

What's your angle by Olivia Free-Woman
Link to site with a proof of Pythagorean Theorem. It also includes links to Pythagorean theorem and baseball, and
Pythagorean theorem and ladders. It also has links to slope intercept form, and slope calculation.

Fractions by Tracey Cole-Hailey
Links to sites such as Discovery, Fun Brain, and Maths Year 2000, that contain pages on fractions.

Statistically speaking by Donna Humphreys   and click at Stat - Wise
Brief descriptions and links to Statistical Computing Package for the web, Interactive web site to explore concepts, and Virtual Laboratories in Probabilities and Statistics, plus a link to Geology Labs On-Line.

Interactive sites by Nancy Finley
Three links to,, and