Wiley L. Housewright

MENC President 1968-1970






Degrees:  Bachelor of Music, North Texas State University

Masters of Music, Columbia University

Doctorate, New York University



Teaching Employment: Professor of Music Education, Florida State University

Summer Appointments, University of Michigan, Indiana University, Fulbright Grant to Japan, University of Texas

Public Schools, New York and Texas



Significant Publications: 


_______. “Confrontation with tomorrow,” Music Educators Journal 55, No. 9 (May

1969):  26-30.


_______. “The ISME in Vienna,” Music Educators Journal 48, No. 2 (November-

December 1961): 43-48.


_______.  “Music in higher education.”  Music Educators Journal 54, No. 2 (October

1967):  39-41, 107-109.


_______. “The official magazine of the Music Educators National Conference,” Music

Educators Journal 50, No. 5 (April-May 1964): 40-41.



_______. “Professional isolationism or a solid front?” Music Educators Journal 34, No. 4

(February-March 1948): 26-27, 31.

Housewright, Wiley L.  Music for Florida Children.  Tallahassee:  State Department of

Education, 1954.



Professional Accomplishments: 

Fulbright Grant to Japan

Chairmen of the Editorial Board of MEJ

Past President of Southern Division MENC

Member of Advisory Boards:

Department of State

Ford Foundation




Personal Biography:





Notable Quotes:


      “If it is true that there is a dynamism in conflict then music education today is approaching its most dynamic moment.  Everywhere there is confrontation that challenges us to reassess our accomplishments, to reinterpret our role, to reformulate our causes, to revitalize, our energies, and to reconstitute our profession.”

Wiley L. Housewright

Music Educators Journal, May 1969