Whispering to Fool the Wind


Whispering to Fool the Wind/Alberto Rios


Go to Amazon for further information.  Originally published by The Sheep Meadow Press.


Whispering to Fool the Wind.  New York: The Sheep Meadow Press, 1982.






Walt Whitman Award, 1982.  Academy of American Poets.




Some reviews


“This book gives what is basic to the literary art—that felt sense of life demanded by Henry James, though the life, the whole culture here, could hardly otherwise be less Jamesian.  It is almost as though the early twentieth-century civilization of a poet like López Velarde (my favorite Mexican poet) had shifted northwards over the generations, the life of the village with its strong family bonds strangely and vividly preserved beneath the differences on the surface.  And whoever reads through this work must be impressed, as I was, by the power the most natural-seeming and casual image has, in the hands of a true poet, to transform and illuminate.”—Donald Justice

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