If you want to see your plays performed the way you wrote them, become President.
--Václav Havel

he rules.  Along with permission of instructor, the absolute prerequisite for this class is MFA candidate status.  Since the class meets on a limited basis, will be largely discussion, and since assignments are meant to build one on another, please consider the following.  Absolutely, class participation counts.  I expect students to attend regularly.  If you are late, it is your responsibility to let me know after class that you have attended.  All assigned work must be in on time.  If you do miss a class, and the doctor lets you out of the hospital after what must have been your terrible accident, get the assignment from another student or me.  There will be no makeup.  Okay, maybe a little rouge.


expect you to submit work as completely and professionally as possible, always typed.  Please note that we will be working with computer diskettes and the Internet.  I don't want to belabor this point, but you get the idea: you will want to consider grammar, typing, proofreading, and so on.  I know I will.  Yes, spelling counts.  Please bring a folder for me to keep your work in.  As you submit assignments, both as hard copy and later in the semester on diskette, make sure you have a copy of what you give me.  And so on.  Yes, I know you are graduate students.

You will be expected to attend university-sponsored poetry and fiction readings as they occur and are announced in class.  These will most often be in the evening, but some lunchtime gatherings will also be likely.  You may also be responsible for any events that are germane to your individual class assignment.  More on this later

The fine points of everything I've said here will be discussed in class.  I have found that sitting down with students and discussing their work is far more helpful than the necessarily brief comments on paper.  Feel free to drop by the office or to make an appointment to discuss your work.  Also, and I take this quite seriously, if you have a special circumstance or need of any kind that you would like me to be aware of, please let me know sometime at the
beginning of the semester.  I will happily do what I can.

Too bad all the people who know how to run the country are busy driving taxis and cutting hair.
--George Burns

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