One does a whole painting for one peach and people think just the opposite--that that particular peach is but a detail.
--Pablo Picasso

his is an outline of Professional Issues we'll consider in class.  It is a grab-bag of ideas and details.  What we'll actually cover will depend on student feedback and interest.


          A. Employment
          B. Publishing
          C. Writing Life
          D. Funding, Support, Resources
          E. Legal Issues

A. Employment

1. Teaching Creative Writing
  a. University and College
   i. History
   ii. MFA vs. Ph.D.
   iii. Finding jobs to apply for
    -- AWP Job List (hard copy and online)
    -- MLA Job List online
    -- Chronicle of Higher Education online (AUG-DEC)
   iv. Preparing your dossier
    -- ASU Placement File
    -- AWP Placement File
    -- Multiple placement files
   v. Preparing your teaching portfolio
   vi. How to get good letters of reference
   vii. Salaries
  b. Artists in Education
   i. History
   ii. What the job is
   iii. Application
   iv. Resources
   v. Salary
2. Contiguous Careers
  a. Substitute teaching
   i. History
   ii. Certification
   iii. Salary
  b. Library Assistant

If we had had more time for discussion we should probably have made a great many more mistakes.
--Leon Trotsky

To have his path made clear for him is the aspiration of every human being in our beclouded and tempestuous existence.
--Joseph Conrad

   i. History
   ii. Certification
   iii. Salary
  c. Editor
  d. Journalist
  e. Other

B. Publishing

1. Copyright
2. Individual Creative Works
  a. Where to research for submission ideas
   i. Poets and Writers Magazine and Website
   ii. The Writers Chronicle (AWP)
   iii. Dictionary of Literary Magazines and Small Presses
   iv. Poetry Daily website for information on journals
  b. How to send
   i. What it should look like
   ii. How much to send
   iii. Cover Letters
   iv. Letters of inquiry
   iv. How to mail it
   v. Double submissions
  c. How to follow up
  d. Record keeping
  e. Contracts
3. First books
  a. Where to send
  b. Putting together a manuscript
  c. How to prepare the submission
  d. Record keeping
  e. Working with the publisher
  f. Contracts
  g. What else you'll have to do
  h. Promoting the book
4. Belles-lettres
  a. History and rationale
  b. Book reviews
  c. Interviews
  d. Writer profiles
  e. Translations
  f. Annotated bibliographies
  g. Other
5. Payment and other financial information

C. Writing Life

1. Personal preparation
  a. Finish your degree
  b. Get answers before you leave
  c. Attitude
2. Getting an agent
3. Writing groups or editing groups
4. Writing process and habits
5. Residencies and Retreats
6. Professional organizations and other resources
7. Computers, email, and other technologies
8. Professional issues
9. Promoting yourself appropriately
10. Settling into a position
11. Becoming an artist-citizen

D. Funding, Support, Resources

1. Grants, Awards, Fellowships
  a. Researching them
   i. PEN Grants and Awards
   ii. Poets and Writers
   iii. Writers Chronicle
   iv. NEA website
   v. State Commissions on the Arts (PEN)
   vi. Others
  b. Applying
2. Important Resources
  a. ASU
  b. Teachers and Writers Collaborative
  c. Websites for P&W, AWP, NEA, Poetry Daily, and others
d. Poets and Writers Magazine
  e. AWP Writers Chronicle

E. Legal Issues

a. Contracts in general
b. Copyright
c. Taxes
d. Legal issues arising from the text itself

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