Student Information

am serious about the following details, especially since the class meets on a seminar basis, will be largely discussion, and since assignments are pointedly meant to build one on another.  Absolutely, class participation counts.  You are expected to attend regularly, and I will keep track.  If you are late (eek!) it is your responsibility to let me know after class that you have attended.  If you do miss a class, get the assignment from another student or me.  There will be no makeup, though we will discuss this in class.  My plan right now is to allow everyone one break, one assignment of your own choosing not to turn in--anything except the sestina.  But we will talk about this as a class.  Also, you will be expected to attend university-sponsored poetry readings as they occur and are announced in class.

     The fine points of everything I've said here will be discussed in class.  I have found that sitting down with students and discussing their work is far more helpful than the necessarily brief comments on paper.  Feel free to drop by the office or to make an appointment to discuss your work, where you stand in the class as to grades, or any other matter pertaining to your studies.  Also, and I take this quite seriously, if you have a disability or need of any kind that you would like me to be aware of, please let me know sometime at the
beginning of the semester.  I will happily do what I can.

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