he class will be run as a workshop with some lecture.  Part of each session will deal with the definition of a form for the next week, with examples--I will be looking to you for some research here.  I will assign one or two of you each time to bring in examples of the next form.  The rest of the time will be given over to a discussion of your work.   

List of form assignments, in order:

1. General scansion exercise.

2. Anglo-Saxon prosody
          Anglo-Saxon; 8 lines for us; 4-beat lines with caesura and
          linked alliteration.

3. Kyrielle
          French, syllabic; 8 lines for us; quatrains, with end refrain

4. Terza rima
          Italian, accentual syllabic; 11 lines for us; triplets, interlocking

5. Sapphics
          Greek; 12 lines for us; accentual syllabic, unrhymed, 11
          syllable line, odd quatrains).

6. Rondeau
          French, syllabic; 12 or 15 lines; 2 rhymes and a repeated

7. Sonnet
          Italian or English; 14 lines; accentual syllabic.

8. Villanelle
          French, syllabic; 19 lines, rhyme, refrains.

9. Sestina
          French, syllabic; 39 lines; end word sequence pattern (envoi).

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