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he following are some links you may find interesting with regard to forms of verse.  Hyperlinks are electronic connections to sites elsewhere on the Internet.  Just click on these and your computer should take care of the rest.  Enjoy!

Glossary of Poetic Terms.
Phonetic pronunciation, Cross references, Broad range of definitions, Numerous examples, Hyper-linked keywords & cross references, A wealth of poetic quotations, Writers' guidelines, and Sidelights, with Informative glimpses beyond the definitions.  From Bob's Byway.

Between the Lines: Interviews with Poets.
This is a wide-open site, with all sorts of offerings.  There are many links to all sorts of forms, with examples.  Worth a visit.  Follow some of the links for some great adventures in form.

Poetry Basics: Forms and Versification.
This is a nice, concise set of definitions and contextualizations.  This is a good page to read for a quick overview of forms in general.

Rhyming Dictionary. (Lycos)

Rhyming Dictionary.  (Online Express)

Rhyming Dictionary and other dictionaries.  (Langenberg)

Rhyming Dictionary: Search several at one time.  (Netscape)

Experiment with all of these.  Be sure to try the multiple-syllable rhymes and other options.  The last entry refers you to some interesting information.

Forms of Poetry for Children.
Links to types and examples of prosody suited to children.  Compiled by Inez Ramsey of James Madison University.

An interdisciplinary journal of literary prosody.  Versification is a refereed electronic journal dedicated to advancing interdisciplinary research into literary prosody. Versification publishes material relevant to the study of prosody in all its many-faceted complexity and provides an international forum for scholars, students, critics and writers from many different fields to explore the role of sound in poetry.

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