There will be a phone call from the publisher.  A little dancing.  A kiss, if there's anyone around.  It's okay.  Then, as your body catches up with your brain,  an all right! with both your hands up in the air--you, of all people, imagine that.  And it feels good.

  • ADVICE. But then, soon--right away--you're human after all--you start thinking about things--things you should have asked, what-ifs, what about the cover, what about a contract.  Do I need a lawyer?  That's how ephemeral the moment is, and how quickly it can pass.  But when the moment is the moment, it's a very good moment.

"Happiness makes up in height what it lacks in length."--Robert Frost

  • Call everyone you know, but try not to gloat, not too much.  The truth is, your friends will want to be happy with you.