A publisher will normally send you a several-page request for information.  The publisher is looking for all and any manner of professional information that might help with sales of the book.  For all kinds of reasons, this would include places you have published--these might be good places to advertise; names and addresses of local bookstores--these might be good places to make contact with, and keep regularly supplied with copies of your book; anywhere you are traveling in the upcoming year--these might be good places to try and arrange readings, especially since you will already be there and so nobody has to pay travel expenses; professional contacts--these might be good people to ask for blurbs or reviews; and so on.  Most of the questionnaire will be self-evident, and you will have a chance to add some ideas of your own.  At this point, you and your publisher are in this together.

  • ADVICE. Take this seriously.  One of the basic mistakes writers make is to blow this questionnaire off, or be seriously tardy with it, or answer the questions in a few minutes.  But this is one of the best ways you can help yourself--by helping your publisher reach your particular audience.