The following are considerations for what you should put at the top portion of your vita.

a. Label.  You don't need to label this document at the top--that is, you don't need to write "Curriculum Vitae," or "C.V.," or anything else.  What this presentation is will be, or should be, clear enough.
b. Name.  Your name should be at the top, centered, bolded, 14 or 15 point in size, but generally not in all caps and not italicized. 
c. Addresses.  If you have both a professional and a personal address, they should go in two columns on the far sides of the page, under your name--professional address on the left, personal address on the right.  If you have only a single address, it is appropriate to center it under your name.  Leave at least one space between your name and the addresses.
d. Certainly include your email address, if you have one.  But think twice about the name you've chosen.  If it's something like "," or," you might look into creating an alias, or alternate, address.  This is usually a very simple process.  Some version of your name, rather than characterization of your personality, is likely the best choice for purposes of a vita.
e. You may want to include a website address, if indeed you have a website.  As with an email address, this is a new, but proper addition to headings.  You must consider, however, the appropriateness of your site. 

  • ADVICE. If the website presents you in a professional light, then by all means include it.  However, if it gives too much personal information, this may be problematic.  Including a photograph of yourself with a vita, for example, is inappropriate.  That said, having a photo on your website should not exclude its being part of your application.  But, take care, and think carefully about what's on your site.  A picture of your dog is fine, as long as your dog's not naked or drinking gin.  This is a fine line. 

"Ducking for apples--change one letter and it's the story of my life."--Dorothy Parker

f. It is common to put a baseline at the end of the heading material, but not required.