Ankur Chowdhary

PhD Student, ASU


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Office: BYENG 485AB

I am a PhD student specializing in Cybersecurity at ASU.
My research interests include Cloud Security, Software Defined Networks, AI and Web Security.
I have very keen interest in cybersecurity competitions and practical applications of security.

SDN Security

Software-Defined Networking and Security: From Theory to Practice -- by Dijiang Huang, Ankur Chowdhary, and Sandeep Pisharody Publisher -- CRC Press.

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Research Publications

  • General Sum Markov Games for Strategic Detection of Advanced Persistent Threats using Moving Target Defense in Cloud Networks, GameSec 2019, Stockholm, Sweden, 2019

  • S3: A DFW-based Scalable Security State Analysis Framework for Large-Scale Data Center Networks, RAID, Beijing, China, 2019

  • TRUFL: Distributed Trust Management framework in SDN, IEEE International Conference on Communications (ICC), Shanghai, China 2019

  • SDNSOC: Object Oriented SDN Framework, ACM SDN-NFV Sec'19, TX, USA, 2019

  • A Survey on Advanced Persistent Threats: Techniques, Solutions, Challenges, and Research Opportunities, IEEE Communications Surveys and Tutorials, 2019

  • Markov Game Modeling of Moving Target Defense for Strategic Detection of Threats in Cloud Networks, AICS-AAAI, Hawaii, USA, 2019

  • Adaptive MTD Security using Markov Game Modeling, IEEE ICNC, Hawaii, USA, 2019

  • SUPC: SDN enabled Universal Policy Checking in Cloud Network, IEEE ICNC, Hawaii, USA, 2019

  • SDN based Network Function Parallelism in Cloud, IEEE ICNC, Hawaii, USA, 2019

  • Software-Defined Networking and Security: From Theory to Practice, Book, CRC Press, 2018

  • Moving Target Defense for the Placement of Intrusion Detection Systems in the Cloud, GameSec 2018, Seattle, WA, 2018

  • Combining Dynamic and Static Attack Information for Attack Tracing and Event Correlation, IEEE Globecomm, Abu Dhabi, 2018

  • US Patent 15795036: Security policy analysis framework for distributed software defined networking (sdn) based cloud environments

  • MTD Analysis and evaluation framework in Software Defined Network (MASON), ACM SDN-NFV Sec'18, 2018

  • Fault Tolerant Controller Placement in Distributed SDN Environments, IEEE International Conference on Communications (ICC), Kansas, US 2018

  • Science DMZ: SDN based Secured Cloud Testbed (Demo Paper), IEEE Conference on Network Function Virtualization and Software Defined Networks, Berlin, Germany 2017

  • Brew: A Security Policy Analysis Framework for Distributed SDN-Based Cloud Environments, IEEE Transactions on Dependable and Secure Computing, 2017

  • A Defense System for Defeating DDoS Attacks in SDN based Networks, ACM MobiWac 2017

  • Dynamic Game based Security framework in SDN-enabled Cloud Networking Environments, ACM SDN-NFV Sec'17, 2017

  • SDN based Scalable MTD solution in Cloud Network, ACM Workshop on Moving Target Defense, 2016

  • Security Policy Checking in Distributed SDN Based Clouds, IEEE Conference on Communications and Network Security (CNS), 2016

  • Software Defined Stochastic Model for Moving Target Defense, Springer Third International Afro-European Conference for Industrial Advancement AECIA, 2016

  • VC-bots: A Vehicular Cloud Computing Testbed with Mobile Robots, ACM First international workshop on internet of vehicles and vehicles of internet, 2016

  • Secure Mobile SDN, Masters Thesis, 2015

  • Awards

  • Outstanding TA for Computer Science, CIDSE - ASU, 2016