Genetic History of Peru

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Population history of Peru

AC Stone (PI)

            We are investigating genetic diversity in prehistoric and present-day human populations of the South-central Andes which complements my previous work on genetic and mortuary analyses of a prehistoric Native American community from Illinois. This project is a collaboration with Dr. Beatriz Lizarraga of San Marcos University in Lima, Peru and Veronica Rubin de Celis Massa of Ricardo Palma University in Lima, Peru. It will integrate research with graduate and undergraduate student training and will center on excavated human remains from the South-central Andes as well as modern populations from throughout Peru. The general aim of this research is to survey mitochondrial DNA, Y chromosome and short tandem repeat loci in modern and ancient populations in Peru. Ancient DNA research will focus on late Middle Horizon (800-1000 AD) occupations in the Osmore drainage of southern Peru, while modern populations will include different ethnic groups from throughout Peru. These data will allow hypotheses about within-site organization and interactions between different archaeological sites to be examined, as well as the spatial distribution of present-day diversity and the extent of admixture between native and non-native peoples. Data from past and present populations will also be compared to investigate differences in pre- and post-contact genetic diversity and to examine the genetic changes or continuity in the peoples of the Osmore drainage and altiplano through time. This research is funded by NSF (BCS #0401434)

Visit to Dr. Beatriz Lizarraga's laboratory at San Marcos University in Lima, Peru. (from left to right: Paul López, Gerardo Olimpio Ortega, Raul Tito, Anne Stone, Carlos Merino, and Beatriz Lizarraga.)

  Veronica Rubin de Celis Massa from Ricardo Palma University visiting UNM. (from left to right: Joe, Hsiuman, Veronica, Anne, Cecil, JeNae, Alicia, Jada and Jamie.)

Photos from our collection trip in the department of Cusco (May, 2004)

Photos from our collection trip in the department of Piura (December 2004)

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From top left: festival in Lima, view overlooking the osmore drainage near Ilo, Peru, llama at Tiwanaku, Bolivia, house near Tiwanaku, palace wall at Tiwanaku.