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WISE Program Description

WISE is a National Science Foundation funded multi-tiered, three-year program for undergraduate girls and women pared with mentors that focuses on providing participants with hands-on experiences using imaging processes which demonstrate how scientists and engineers make images of subatomic structures using scanning tunneling, atomic force and other non-luminous microscopes. Participants use a variety of technologies ranging from Charge Couple Devices (CCDs) commonly used in astronomy, to atomic force and electron scanning microscopes which are becoming regular features of the chip manufacturing industry. These instruments are capable of imaging objects the size of an electron.

Imaging technology is a magnet for bringing girls and women of diverse backgrounds together to develop original research projects that demonstrate sound scientific research practices and illustrate the inter-relationships between science, engineering and mathematics. These concepts are presented in a summer mini-institute and reinforced by monthly activities for students, teachers and parents.


WISE Program Locations

"Women's Images of Science and Engineering" is a project offered by Chandler-Gilbert Community College (part of the Maricopa County Community College District) located in Chandler, AZ and Arizona State University in Tempe, AZ. WISE is funded by the National Science Foundation.

Chandler-Gilbert Community College (CGCC) is located in the southern part of Maricopa County and offers the latest instructional technology available; from on-line library resources to one of the highest computer-to-student ratios in the nation. Diversity is the key to CGCC's mission and goals and is strongly reflected in the WISE programs senior staff and participants.

Arizona State University's research one status is apparent in the imaging facilities that are available to WISE students in the Goldwater Material Research Center. From scanning tunneling to scanning electron microscopy, the latest equipment and expertise is on hand.

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Who Participates?

WISE is a multi-tiered program that brings together diverse populations of students, their teachers and parents, to gain first-hand experience with the latest imaging technology. From middle school (7th, 8th and 9th grade) through undergraduate, WISE is a magnet for eager minds. Besides presenting opportunities for scientific study, experiment design and independent research, WISE also deals positively with gender bias issues in the classroom. WISE participants learn strategies and practices for neutralizing the classroom culture that can discourage the pursuit of advanced classes in mathematics and science and consequently participation in wellpaying and satisfying carrers in science and technology.

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Program Activities

WISE student and teacher participants participate in summer institutes at Chandler-Gilbert Communiuty College and Arizona State University. These sessions in addition to orientations acquaint participants with a variety of imaging technologies ranging from charge-couple devices in astronomy to atomic force microscopes that can image objects smaller than an atom.

During the academic year, students and teachers meet one day a month to contiue their exploration of the imaging world and to plan, research and finally present independent small group research projects. Field trips this year included a recent visit with scientist Richard Leaky and a visit to an archeological site near Tuscon, AZ.

"Family Night" activities for WISE participants' siblings, parents and guardians are conducted one night a month addressing such diverse topics as family math, self-defense, and the science in science fiction.

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Program Products Available

Would you like help designing your own proposal or activity?

Would you like to do it a cost efficient manner based on real performance?

Would you like to get started now?

Check here soon for WISE program products available for purchase. From activities to evaluation and budget plans, WISE has a tested product that can save you time and money in planning or administering your own programs.

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