GLG 362/598 Geomorphology

This page contains links and information for the Geomorphology class in the Department of Geological Sciences at Arizona State University.

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GLG 362/598 Geomorphology Course Documents

Course Information

Introductory flyer
Important information
Information about final project
Graduate student discussion schedule and topics


Introductory Lecture (1)
Processes, landscapes, and important distinctions
Mass wasting
Matlab function for analysis of slope stability (look toward the bottom of the page)
Download Factor of Safety homework
Fluvial Processes

Fluvial links--incomplete

US ARMY Corps of Engineers Hydraulic Engineering Center
Catchment Hydraulics course
Sandbar studies in the Grad Canyon at NAU
Rivers of California class
Arizona Hydraulic Roughness study from USGS
Jon Fuller and Associates--Guest lecture
Photographs and other information about the USGS and MCFC Indian Bend at Curry Road gaging station
USGS Water Resources web page

Hillslope processes
Alluvial fan links
Fluvial Geomorphology Image Based Undergraduate Learning Resource


Physiography of the US
Aerial photography and topographic map interpretation and geomorphic mapping--this is a little old.
Methods and interpretation of aerial photography and other imagery and topography for geomorphic studies
Image of landscape of Santa Cruz Island from cover of Pinter Book and also area covered by stereo pair in laboratory exercise
Climate readings and feedback
Surveying lab
DEM analsys using Microdem
Hillslope processes (diffusion) lab

Field trips

Black Canyon City Landslide web pages

Queen Creek web pages

Old field trips

Salt River field trip 11/21/98
Digital photos for your enjoyment

Reference information

Learning MATLAB

The Mathworks (producers of MATLAB)
Step-by-step in MATLAB for the basics by Hilley and Arrowsmith
GLG410 Introduction to MATLAB
Simple MATLAB exercises from GLG410
3D graphics in MATLAB from GLG410
Programming in MATLAB from GLG410 (I)
Programming in MATLAB from GLG410 (II)


Journal of Geografica Academica. The Geográfica Acadêmica is a eletronic journal from Geology and Physical Geography Laboratory of Institute Studies Social-Environment in University Bureal of Goiás (UFG) - BRAZIL. The aims is publications about geomorphology, pedology, biogeography, urban geography, climatology, rural geography, environment education, geography of turism and cultural geography.
Help to eradicate passive voice in your writing
Advice for speakers from Jon Claerbout
A scrutiny of the Introduction by Jon Claerbout
Surface uplift, uplift of rocks, and exhumation; England and Molnar
Visualizing the landscape and landforms of the US laboratory exercises
The Scientific Nature of Geomorphology--ONLINE

GLG 362/598 Geomorphology Links

Web-based interactive landform simulation model (WILSIM)
Alan Howard's web page at U. Virginia
Bob Anderson's web page at UCSC
Greg Tucker's web page at MIT
Geomorphology Specialty Group of the Association of American Geographers
Geomorphology links from the Geomorphology Specialty Group of the Association of American Geographers
Arrowsmith Geomorphology links
Active Tectonics and Earthquakes
Earth Sciences
Carrizo Plain and Active Tectonics Research Project
Steve Reynolds' Arizona Virtual Geotourist page
Computers in Geology Course

Scientific Nature of Geomorphology
Glaciers and Glacial Geology: A hypertext for the appreciation of glaciers, and how they work
Canadian Landscapes from the Geological Survey of Canada
On line version of Geomorphology from Space
Recent Developments In Landslide Mitigation Techniques
ENSO and beyond (NOAA site)

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