Addressing Scientific Questions with Spreadsheets
Part I


    -  What is a spreadsheet?  What is it good for?
    -  What are some of the spreadsheets available for Macintosh and Windows 95 machines?
    -  How are spreadsheets used in science?

Basic Operation of Microsoft Excel to Understand Geologic Problems

    -  Example of Microsoft Excel for analyzing physical processes- The Spanish Peaks and pressurized magma chambers.
    -  Transformation of data:  Coordinate System Rotations and Translations.

Basic Spreadsheet Commands:

    -  Entering Numeric Values.
    -  Entering String Values.
    -  Entering Equations
    -  Naming Variables
    -  Referring to other cells
        -  Absolute vs. Relative References

Visualizing Data-- Plots in Excel

    -  Creating Bar Charts
    -  Creating X-Y Charts
    -  Creating contour and surface charts
    -  Changing the axis units
    -  Creating a title
    -  Creating a legend
    -  Creating axis labels

Parsing Text Files in Excel

    -  What does parsing do?
    -  Removing headers from files
    -  Specifying how to import the data

Formatting Numbers in Excel

    -  Specifying number format
    -  Specifying number of significant digits in problem

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