WWW Helper File

Many of you have recently approached either Dr. Arrowsmith or the TA with some problems regarding access to your web pages. This page has been created to provide some quick solutions for you to try when having Web tribulations.

Problem: When I type the URL of my newly created homepage, all I get is a listing of the files in my "www" directory. When I try to click on one of these files, the ASU Web server says that that document is Forbidden.

Solution: You need to set your AFS permissions properly. What is going on is that the web server has not been told that it is OK to let people see the files in your "www" directory. To fix this problem, log into general and issue the following commands:

At your home directory type: fs setacl -dir www -acl system:anyuser rl

Do this for any folders (not files) inside your www folder that you have created.

Next, go to your home directory and type: chmod -R a+r www

This should fix your problem.

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