Databases and FileMaker Pro--Chris Skiba guest lecture

This will be the assignment for Wednesday and Friday's Lectures:

Computers in Geology
Claris Filemaker Pro 3.0

The objective of this lab is to learn to identify data relationships, create a file structure for those identified relationships and create a data entry layout in a master database file linking all related files.

These data come from Penny King's research on Granites. Thanks Penny!

here is a tip from Chris:

If you are having trouble identifing the master file, look at each database file carefully. The master database file already has the data entry layout partially created for you. Remember, in order to view layouts, you must be in the layout mode.

Good Luck!

Here is a link to an explanation of how to assemble an ER diagram applied to the well database.


Part One

You are provided five data sheets that are reporting pertinent information about rock samples. Please review the data sheets and provide the following:

Sketch or draft/draw the following (Recall the style of file structure diagram from lecture):

1. Identify the entities and create a simple E-R diagram
2. Create a file structure for each file and list a least four attributes per entity.
3. Using the relationship symbols, identify the relationship to each entity. Remember, make sure you have a master file.

Part Two

In part two of this lab assignment, you will be provided the data files for each data sheet (Look in the glg490 folder on Caliente public access in the PSF appleshare zone). Using your file structure diagram, create a data entry layout in the master file display all related files using Filemaker Pro. Try and design a data entry layout that is informative. Note: It is not necessary to show all geochem fields.

Please turn in the file structure sketch, and submit the FMK Pro files to by the beginning of class on Friday 10/24/97.

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