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This page was compiled based on your favorite Mars site submitted with Assignment #1.  Be sure to explore the sites below! This is a zoomable, scrollable atlas of Mars which lets you locate  by lat/lon, by place name, by orbit number, or by Viking Imager frame. This is the first spectra taken from the MGS TES. This was used for testing and calibration of the instrument. Russian mirror site of JPL MGS home page. Gives latest Pathfinder pictures and links to archives and conferences, and daily mission status. High-resolution color photo from Pathfinder of Sojourner and Yogi Souffle rocks. Also shows white crust. Home page for Imager for Mars Pathfinder, the camera used on Mars Pathfinder. Includes links to the full panorama, monster pam, color images, stereo images, etc.   This Mars web site gives a description of the physical composition of the planet as well as links to other Mars related pages. This website relates to the chemical composition of rocks analyzed by the alpha proton X-ray spectrometer on the mars rover. This web site is about research done on a meteorite from Mars that appears to contain water which leads scientist to speculate on the how the Mars surface might have been formed. This site is a review on: The Conference on Early Mars: Geologic and Hydrologic Evolution, Physical and Chemical Environments, and the Implications for Life. This site is a paper submitted by D. W. Mittlefehldt1, M. M. Lindstrom2, and E. K. Gibson3 about meteorite ALH 84001Us chemical composition.  This is extremely detailed in what seems like all aspects Mars science.  It is very easy to see and is well organized. I am interested as to why the government 'needed' their sponsors at the bottom of the page? I like this site because it relates so close to home.  It also relates to one aspect of Mars study (TES) and its applications.  It is also the home site for the Mars K-12 Education Program. This is the MGS's home.  It has more detail about MGS than the other sites.  I expect this site will become very active and more extensive when MGS enters orbit.  A partition of the Pathfinders home page, this site has everything about the Pathfinder Mission.  Great resource.  This is a cool site.  It is well organized and has a guided tour.  It's emphasis is teaching all about Mars.  It appears to be aimed for the uneducated scientist, but can keep a scientist happy. - - Mars Pathfinder mission pages and links to archives and photos and mission results - - Mars Global Surveyer countdown and mission status for orbiter arriving at Mars in November - - Mars Pathfinder color panorama in virtual reality application that allows it to run as a movie (the VRML plug-in does not seem to be installed on the GCIF Macs) - - The Mars Group at the Orsted Laboratory in Denmark; their primary contribution seems to be studying the magnetic properties of Mars materials - - Mars page from the National Air and Space Museum; has links to Pathfinder, Surveyer, Viking and the “Mars Rock” findings. the "launching" site that connects to other Mars related sites. the latest pictures from the Mars Pathfinder and updates from the mission. homepage for the mars global surveyor.  Information, pictures and links. The Mars 98 Surveyor homepage with information  about the orbitor launch (12/10/98) and the Lander launch (1/3/99). T-shirt company selling shirts, one of the logos is: Save Mars from Human Infestation (one of the first web sites I pulled up when I used "hotbot" search engine). This site gives current info on the mars pathfinder and the people working on it.  It is however, geared towards kids, so it offers games to help them understand the geology, etc. This site summarizes the different experiments conducted during
the Pathfinder mission, concentrating on those related to iron and magnetism. Basically gives the general info about the planet:  clouds, volcanos, satellites, etc.  Also shows Pathfinder images and gives the
history of exploration. Shows real and pseudocolor photos from the Pathfinder mission.  Also shows in 3D. Gives statistics and profile of the planet.  Then shows different views focusing on various features, such as volcanos and canyons.  There's many different sites you can go from there.  It's the JPL laboratory.  You can get to Nasa pictures of the planet.  They're really cool.  I looked at the martian rocks Wedge, Flat Top, the mountains Twin Peaks, and the rock garden.  There were some other rocks but I forgot the names. This is Mars Link and you can go to many different sites from here.  You also can join to get on the list that is free and they will send you information via your e-mail.  It's "The Next Frontier-Human Exploration Association." There is a section for this that says Planetary Geology-Mars-General. There's different websites under this category that you can go to. There's interesting information about fossils and hydrology. There's a section on life on Mars.  It talks about the rock that was found in Antartica and how scientists determined that it was from mars.  There's also a glossary and other subheadins on the right side of the site that you can go see to better understand. This is the menu site for mars sites that I got to through ASU's website on the Mars Globas Surveryor Thermal Emission Spectrometer Project. There are a ton of sites to choose from. - images from Pathfinder rover with descriptions; current Martian weather report and forcasts; mission status reports - great color images; list of quick facts about mars; weel laid out, easy to look around the site - site deals with the 12 Martian meteorites that have been found on earth; describes information each has told us about Mars; contains photos of all but one - discussed the three missions to Mars ( Pathfinder, Globel Surveyor and Surveyor 98) - Mars planatary information and similar information for other bodies in the solar system

• Scientists Say Life on Mars is a Possibility URL- A two page article describing what life on Mars would be like, the ways to overcome the oxygen problem with potatoes and how to deal with the lower gravity.

• Mars Pathfinder Favorites URL- A collection of Pathfinder images from 7/4 to 8/12.  Also links to  other cool Mars sites.

• Alien Hijacks Pathfinder URL- Humourous pictures of pathfinder with cartoon alien holding the craft hostage.

• Koinae's Sports Facility URL- Web page dedicated to a sp[ace colony on Mars.  This specific page is describing the health and recreation sphere.

• Save Mars from Human Infestation URL- Humourous web page dedicated to saving Mars from humans On this site, it tells about the soil on Mars and how there may have been a wet climate there long ago, but some scientists argue that.

• On is a gag page of how you can buy a T-shirt that says "save mars" from human destruction.

• On the site, possible explanations of why rocks on Mars have high sulfur levels.

• At, it shows nice photos of the Sojourner rover as it's next to a rock called the "wedge."  There are also photos of the "rock garden."

• On the last site,, it tells how on the discovery channel, a video is available to help teach students about Mars.  Everything from possible life on Mars to "Meteorite ALH841001." it contains much information about the planet including geology with images. it also has links to other sites like #2 jpegs and gif files with description of geology of planet as well as useful glossary of terms. you begin your own mission to mars with images depicting geologic features that suggest a once living planet. basic background information with pictures and glossary of terms. also has astro charts to find it in the sky and its moons. the geological history of mars This is a listing of accomplishments, facts, and future projections concerning mars and the equiptment used to explore it, especially concerning the Pathfinder mission (it also has some links). This site has lots of info about Mars meteorological data and graphs DTL&directory=/chronicle/archive/1997/08/28 This site has interesting finds concerning Mar's soil profile. This site has a vast array of links concerning ASU's Department of Geology's involvement in the Mars Global Surveyor Thermal Emission Spectrometer Project and how it all works. This site is about the iron found on Mars and its magnetic properties along with info about expeiments concerning magnetism (and a description of the Magnetic Array Experiment).   I searched this by going through the engine Search. Com. This was quite  an easy way to look up a resouce with only having to type in the search word and the click to the desired menu. This address allows one to look at a atlas of Mars and then scan in at a closer view depending upon where you click the mouse over the mars surface. This dispayed video clips from the mars path finder but without the animation.  This search showed updates on the mission, and images with descriptions where one could zoom in on the image and get a beeter feel of what the image is depicting.  This search shows the Mars global surveyour in motion as it's solar panels rotate. Takes 3 minutes to load  This is a good page to get all kinds of updated images and information where some of the pages have animation like the previous search.  This site shows Martin the martian holding Sojourner as hostage. If the NASA wants Sojourner to survive they must hand over $7 mill., Martin's dog, and a grey rabbit named Bugs.  This site had really cool pictures of the planets, satelites, and moons.  A new picture is displayed daily.  This site shows little movies of the hero Sojourner from his first day on Mars through August 5th.
Shows the classic picture that was taken from the pathfinder.  This one is the best.  It has the most updated information that I found.  You can get the current weather  and positon of Mars.  Look through a long list of pictures.  A lot more information is found here as well.  This one is connected with the above page.  This is the address for the current weather and position of Mars.

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