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I sent out a question to the HYPER mailing list here at ASU:
I am teaching a course in Computers in Geology and I am talking about 
MSPowerpoint (a presentation program) tomorrow.  I am encouraging the 
students to make well illustrated presentations of their work.  SOme of 
them might choose to do so by selecting images from the web, saving them to 
local disk, and putting them in their Powerpoint presentations.  I 
admonished them to acknowledge the source and to not misrepresent the 
source or author.

What are the standards for doing this kind of thing?  What if the students 
then go to publish their Powerpoint presentation as some HTML document in a 
week or so when i get to that stage?

just curious for a pointer or some commentary.  I could not find anything 
simple in my web searches.

Here are some responses and URLS:
  • From Jeremy Rowe of ASU Information Technology:

  • I found a neat little reference guide at the ASU Bookstore. It's
    called "online! a reference guide to using internet sources"
    by Andrew Harnack and Eugene Kleppinger. (ISBN: 0-312-15023-7)
    It was located in the ENG (English) course section & only cost
    about $13.00. (I'm curious which course is using it...)
    Anyway, it has sections on "Avoiding plagiarism and acknowledging
    sources", "Requesting permission to use copyrighted sources", etc.
    It also gives a URL:
    that I haven't had a chance to explore yet.

  • UT Austin has a great web site with useful info on your question.  About
    halfway through the following document, the UT Genl Counsel's Office
    discusses using images:
    P.S. Stanford has an extensive site on fair use:

  • Most web pages have a "send comments to" email address that your
    students could use to ask where appropriate credit should be given. If that
    approach fails, there is documentation for web sources.  You could
    have your students list the URL info for the page that contained the
    You might want to try this URL for the specifics on that documentation:

  • I can tell you first
    hand that the people who have researched how to site web site content are
    the reference librarians; my favorite resource.  Look at the Noble site
    for a few ideas, they have done a very thorough job.

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