Printing from Windows95 using the GICF lab computers

It is always a good idea to check to see what your default printer is set to.

On the Windows95 desktop, click on My Computer.

Open the Printers Folder.

There should be three printers installed: HP 4MV (H461_Laser), HP 1600CM (H461_Color), and HP DJ755CM (H461_Plotter).

Select the printer you want to use by double-clicking on it. A window appears displaying the name of the selected printer.

Pull down the File menu.

If there is a check mark next to the selection Default Printer, your printer has been set as the default printer. If not, scroll down the menu to select Default Printer and place a check mark.

Close all the open windows by clicking on the X located in the upper-right hand corner of each window to return to the desktop.

You are now ready to print from your application.