GLG490 Assignment #3

Due by Friday, September 12 at the beginning of class.
This assignment is intended to give you the opportunity to get to know Bill Gates' view of the future of computing.

For assignment 3, due at the beginning of class next Friday, you are to fully explore this multimedia CD and book (should take about 45 minutes to an hour).
Operating instructions:
1) The CD should be kept with the book at all times except when it is in the CD-ROM drive. The book and CD should stay in the front of H461 except when you are using them. We only have one of these, so you may want to establish a sign up sheet, or get at it when you see it is free.
2) The CD only works on the Win95 side of the computers. Switch to PC, open the CD-ROM drive, insert the CD-ROM, and close the drive gently.
3) Go to the START menu, go up to Programs, choose the The Road Ahead folder, and select the Road Ahead icon.
4) Follow the instructions, look at the book some, and see what all is there.
5) Email the following:
a) A description of the 3 strongest aspects of the CD.
b) A description of the 3 weakest aspects of the CD.
c) A description of what was the most interesting thing that Bill Gates showed or told you?
d) An idea for how you might be able to use computing in a non standard way in a geologic investigation or presentation you have in about 5 years. What will be available and what will you do?

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