GLG490 Assignment #4

Due by Friday, September 19 at the beginning of class.
1) Using Georef, search for references on a geologic topic that is of interest to you. For example, Acid mine drainage. Limit your search in various ways and mark the 10 most suitable references. Download the marked records. Open the downloaded file in a word processor and copy and paste into your email window and send the results to Be sure to include a short introduction that identifies the problem or topic that you are searching on. Also provide a short annotation for your reasoning for choosing each record. Using the ASU Libaries web page, find out the call number and status for each of the ten references (realize that for journal articles you can only search for the journal name and the university may not have the reference. You should make a note of that.

Here is an example of one reference and the extra information that I would like to see:
TI: Creation and preservation of inverted metamorphic gradients.
AU: Peacock-Simon-M
BK: In: AGU 1985 fall meeting.
BA: Anonymous
SO: Eos, Transactions, American Geophysical Union. 66; 46, Pages 1126. 1985.
PB: American Geophysical Union. Washington, DC, United States. 1985.
PY: 1985
AN: 89-30612
I chose this reference because it is an early one by Simon that may tell us about his dissertation research on modeling metamorphism.
CALL # QE500 .A4

Note that you can cut and paste the Library information into your mail window as well.

2) Using Georef (and the department web page), determine which of the ASU geology faculty has the most publications. Be careful to get all of the publications for the given faculty member and realize that there might be several versions of that person's names. Email a list of faculty and number of pubs to

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