GLG490 Assignment #7

Due by Friday, October 31 at the beginning of class.

Scanning and manipulating rasters

This assignment will test your ability to use the scanner and to manipulate a raster image, as well as to OCR some text.

Scanning a picture

1) Choose a photograph or other color figure of your choice. Scan it using Deskscan. Save as a tiff file. Open up Adobe Photoshop and do the following:
a) Copy a little piece of the original and paste it into a new file.
b) For both files, adjust the levels so that the color balance looks good.
c) For both files, change the image size so that it is 6 inches wide (by whatever is proportionally correct) and is 72 dpi in resolution.
d) For both files, save as a tiff.

Optical Character Recognition

1) Select a page of references from a textbook or a journal article.
Using Omnipage professional, scan and OCR the page of references. Copy the result and paste it into a MS Word document. Clean up the result in Word. How good was the scan? Was it worth the time to scan it versus typing it?

Email your files (2 tiffs and a Word doc.) to as attachments.

Be sure to get off of the scanner machine so that the next person can get to work!

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