GLG490 Assignment #8

Due by Friday, November 14 at the beginning of class.

Assignment 8: Preparing a Powerpoint presentation

This assignment will help you to prepare for your final presentation by encouraging you to put together a Powerpoint presentation from your poster that you are building for lab this week.


1) Convert the title, your affiliation, and the two figures that you are putting in your poster to a Powerpoint presentation.
2) Make a presentation to someone else in the class using it. They must email you a brief critique and corbon copy that critique to
3) Place your file in a folder with your name in the Caliente Public folder by the beginning of class on Friday, November 14. Email with a brief note to that effect.
4) Print out a handouts page (3 per page) and turn that in by the beginning of class on Friday, November 14.

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