Computers in Geology

86221 GLG 490 B and 73304 GLG 598 B

WF 8:40-9:55 am PSH461
Lab: W 10-11 am OR Th 5-6 pm

This course is designed to teach analytical thinking in geology using computing applications. As such, it is intended to satisfy the University's General Studies Core area Numeracy N3 requirement. The modular approach permits the course to focus on different earth science problems varying from hardware and data input/output, Internet applications, 3D visualization, simulation, and presentation of results. At the end of the course, the students are expected to be able to solve geological problems using computers. Therefore, they should be familiar with the Macintosh, PC, and UNIX operating systems, typical software applications, and the basic programming tools of the Internet, visualization, and simulation.

We will take advantage of the opportunity to use the new computer systems recently installed in the Geology Instructional Computing Facility.

The 3 credit hour course consists of two days of 65 minute lectures and opportunities for students to work through module exercises. Grades are 60% lab and homework exercises and 40% for a project presented publicly in a final poster session.

Ramón Arrowsmith
PSF 640
Office hours: WF 10-11 (or by appt.)
Office #: 965-3541
Email (preferred):
Teaching Assistant:
George E. Hilley
PSF 475
Office hours: TTh 9-11 (or by appt.)
Office #: 965-4053
Email (preferred):

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