Here are some ideas about Java

Note that this is not very comprehensive. I just started on this subject. Good luck figuring out this subject. I think that it is pretty important and where things are going with the internet.

The Vision

George shared this with me: java is completely platform independent. It runs on any computer with a java compiler. The browser downloads the source code, and that is compiled on the local machine, and the application (or applet--little application is thus appropriate for that machine.

What is not java

For example, Animated gifs
Look on Steve's page:

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Cookies, a quick aside


A java applet for example

What time is it?

Java links

Here is the official starter site:

Lots of java links:

The first user-friendly tutorial on Java:

Lots of java applications:

How to figure out some of the color codes for your web page using java:

image maps with java:

some java code:

spy applet: