Microsoft Word and the outline for your final assignment

This lab exercise is meant to give you an opportunity to go beyond standard word processing in Microsoft Word and also prepare an outline for your final project for this class. It is due at the beginning of class Wednesday, September 24.


1) Prepare the document

In this class, you will do a final project that will use most (hopefully all) of the software tools that we have worked with to investigate an important problem in geology of your choosing. You can do a project that is part of your thesis work or related to a project for another course. It will be presented as a large poster to the class and also on the WWW as an html document.

Use this mantra to guide your thinking as well as an outline (P. Segall, 1990):
1) Choose something worth doing
2) Select appropriate tools, methodology, data. Justify your choice.
3) Research plan. How will you do it? What is the likelihood of success? Do something.
4) What are the expected results? What is the application of the research? What are lines of future investigation to build from this?

You are to prepare a 2 page Microsoft Word document that describes your proposed project.
You must have a relevant (the most important) equation and a picture that illustrates the main concept or problem.
Use GEOREF to select several appropriate preliminary references and include them as part of your document.

External Review

Have it reviewed by two colleagues who use the annotation (especially voice annotation tool) to make your comments. You are to exchange these files by using the Pine email system and send these to each other as attachments.


Make the corrections that you think are appropriate based upon the suggestions of your colleagues, and then send the two annotated files as well as your final corrected one as attachments to
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