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Active Tectonics and Earthquakes
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Research of my students, colleagues, and me

Active tectonics, quantitative structural geology and geomorphology research group at ASU

California and San Andreas-related research

Earthquake geology along the Cholame segment of the SAF
NEHRP-funded research on the Santa Cruz Mtns, CA
Carrizo Plain and Active Tectonics Research Project
Geology, geomorphology, and paleolimnology of Soda Lake, Carrizo Plain, California
Ongoing studies of the 1992 Landers, California earthquake surface rupture

Central Asia active tectonics research

Active Tectonics in the Pamirs
Active Tectonics along the Altyn Tagh Fault

Arizona geology and geomorphology research

Arizona State University Earthquake Information
Central Arizona Phoenix Long Term Ecological Research project: Quaternary geology and geomorphology
Geology and Remote Sensing of the White Tanks Mountains, Arizona
Proterozoic Geology of the Union Hills, North Phoenix, Central Arizona
Multi-Spectral Remote Sensing of Brush Fire Scars in Arid Urban Regions: Analysis of Future Fire and Flooding Hazards
Environmental Geophysics and recharge studies
Monitoring and studying the Black Canyon City Landslide

Other research

AGU/NSF Geoinformatics Interim Steering Committee
PENCK--a computer program for the determination of tectonic and geomorphic displacements in the development of hillslope profiles
Comment on future directions in paleoseismology
Tidbits--Various bits of code that are handy

Research, teaching, and other links

Structural Geology

Geomechanics Research Group at Stanford University
International Association of Structural/Tectonic Geologists Home Page
Analogue Modelling of rock deformation at the University at Albany, State University of New York
Bill Haneberg's Home Page
GIOVANNI GUGLIELMO's Research page on salt tectonics 
Online Structural Geology courses from the University of Houston

Active Tectonics and Earthquakes

Active Tectonics:
Active Tectonics at UC Davis
Active Tectonics Home Page
University of Oregon Neotectonics research group

Earthquake Hazards - USGS External Research links
USGS earthquake info
USGS/Pasadena Home Page
USGS GEOLOGIC HAZARDS TEAM (Earthquakes/Landslides-Central Region)
USGS Paleoseismology Team
Western US
Arizona Earthquake Information Center
Southern Arizona Seismological Observatory (SASO)
Recent seismicity maps on the Web from Craig Jones
U. Nevada-Reno Seismo Lab
California OES Home Page
SCEC Data Center

Other earthquake related links
SCEC Teaching modules
Seismosurfing the internet
Jim McCalpin and GEO-HAZ
EqIIS--Earthquake Image Information System
UNAM Depto. de Sismologia Home Page (Mexico) 
EQE International


International Association of Geomorphologists
Geomorfologia Wirtualna / Virtual Geomorphology
NAU Sandbar Studies
Desert Research Institute Home Page
The Virtual Desert
Web Resources for Geomorphologists 
USGS Climate History Research
Online Intro Physical Geography Textbook
Scientific Nature of Geomorphology
Glaciers and Glacial Geology: A hypertext for the appreciation of glaciers, and how they work
Canadian Landscapes from the Geological Survey of Canada

Arizona Earth Sciences Links

Arizona Earthquake Information Center 
Southern Arizona Seismological Observatory (SASO) 
ASU Geology Department Homepage 
Northern Arizona Department of Geology 
U. of Arizona Dept. of Geosciences and Southern Arizona Seismo Lab 
UofA AMS Radiocarbon Facility 
Arizona Geology Publication list 
Stephen J. Reynolds awesome AZ geology pages 
Arizona Virtual Tourist 
ASU Landsat Image server 

Earth Sciences

National Science Foundation World Wide Web Server 
USGS Electronic Directory 

Funding opportunities: 
Funding database 
National Science Foundation World Wide Web Server 
Earthwatch request for proposals in Hydrology and Geology 
Earth System History at NSF 
Friends and Partners - Funding & Exchange Opportunities 

Stanford University School of Earth Sciences 
Humboldt State Geology Department 
New Mexico Bureau of Mines and Mineral Resources 
Indiana University 

Data and information links: 
European Union of Geosciences 
National Geophysical Data Center 
geologic software (mostly mac) 
Branner Earth Sciences--Locating Material in the Earth Sciences 
Online Resources for Earth Scientists 
Huge list of links from James Huang 
Using the Web for Geoscience Resources (FAQ) 
U.S. National Report to International Union of Geodesy and Geophysics 1991-1994 
Natural Hazards Databases at NGDC 
EOSDIS Version 0 IMS Home Page 
USGS Internet Resources 
Environmental Organization WebDirectory 
Radiocarbon WEB-info 
Announcing on-line CALIB
Some Useful Earth-Science Resources 
Dave Watson's Home Page 
UofA AMS Radiocarbon Facility 
Geoscience Information mailing lists 
NASA Astronaut HandHeld Photogaphy

Good earth science teaching links: 
Steve Reynolds GLG101 Internet exercise 
Observing Arizona Scenery 
Arizona Geology Virtual Tourist 
Volcanoes on the WEB 
UCMP Web Time Machine 
Hurricane/Tropical Data 
World Lecture Hall - Geology 
British Geological Survey Photographic Collection 
Online Structural Geology courses from the University of Houston 
Advice to speakers from Roland Burgmann at UC Davis 
Dave Miller earth science vrml qtvr shockwave science education web pages 
Explanation of focal mechanisms 
Exploring Geology on the World-Wide Web From Stephen Schrimmrich and JGE 

Kyrgystan and Pamirs

Active Tectonics in the Pamirs 

Declassified Satellite Intelligence Imagery 
Central Asian Explorations 
Pamir Mountains Map and Guide 
Mountains of Central Asia Map 
Yahoo - Regional:Countries:Kyrgyzstan 
Central Asia (interactive) 
The Silk Road 
City.Net Kyrgyzstan 
Central Asia WWW VL 
BISNIS--Commercial Information on Russia and the NIS 
OXUS Central Asia 
Newly Independent States of Central Asia 
Ecostan News 
Coyne Aviation Kyrgystan links 

Shuttle images: 
STS73 image captions at 30N,80E to 40N,70E 
STS73 images at 30N,80E to 40N,70E 

Carrizo Plain

ASU Carrizo Plain and Active Tectonics Research Project 
Carrizo Solar Home Page 
Carrizo Plain home page at Taft High School 
University of Washington Carrizo Plain Research 
CDF Map Making Facility 
Interactive California Environmental Management, Assessment, and Planning System 
The George C. Page Museum of La Brea Discoveries 


Princeton Course Homepage 
Excellent source of information about college and university home pages 
NARST Research Matters--To the Science Teacher 
FInd sounds for teaching!

Engineering Geologic Field Methods

Fieldworker, the GPS edge in hand held digital data collection 
Accqpoint--real time GPS? 
ASC Scientific (field equipment for Geology) 


The Geometry Center at U. Minnesota 
Johnson & Rose, IMGC 93 
Graphics and analysis software 
About SiteView 
Dave Miller earth science vrml qtvr shockwave science education web pages 

Statistics, data analysis, and modeling

Interactive statistical calculation pages

Computers and computing

Apple Computer 
ZD Net 
HP Printers 
TOSHIBA - The World's Best Selling Portable Computers. 
ASU Research Programming Support 
White Pine Technical Support (eXodus) 
MicroTimes, California's Computer Magazine 


Future technologies: LINUX training

SGI specific

SGI Silicon Surf 
Ready to buy SGI? 
SGI Solutions Index (3rd Party cool software) 
SGI Automated Mapping Applications 

GIS, Geography, and Remote Sensing

Great GIS net sites 
Infomine Maps and GIS search screen fro UC Riverside 
Arc-Info Dealers in Arizona 
USGS Western Regional GIS Server 
Excellent Links to all types of Digital Maps :) 
Omni maps 
Russia and the Former Soviet Republics Maps 
Netscape: Internet Resources for Geographers 
Color Landform Atlas of the United States 
ERIM Conferences and Symposia 
Digital Chart of the World 
Geographic Information Systems - GIS from the USGS 
Core Software: ImageNet Info 
EROS home page 
Remote Sensing/GIS/GPS Data and Information 
MAGIC '96 - Arizona's GIS Conference 
Visual Explorer 
Catalogue of Digital Elevation data 
Satellite Imagery Databases 
Declassified Satellite Intelligence Imagery 
NASA - JSC Digital Image Collection home 
The Remote Sensing Þing 
Eagle Point Software Homepage 
GIS data depot
National Elevation Dataset
USGS digital mapping products status

Mathematica and symbolic computation related

Wolfram Research (MATHEMATICA) 
Mathworks (MATLAB) 
Waterloo Maple Software, the makers of MAPLE 

Professional Organizations

AGU Home Page 
GSA Home Page
California Geologist technical registration board
Arizona Geologist technical registration board
American Geological Institute (AGI)

Web related

Starting Point 
McKinley's Internet Directory 
Point Communications Best of the Internet 
HTML and Web Intro and Reference 
HTML Reference Manual 
Stanford gifs 
Cool Mac Sites 
shareware.com Most Popular 
The Web Developer's Virtual Library 
Real Audio Home page 
NPR Real Audio 
The Alpha Home Page 
PC Magazine's Top 100 web sites 
United States Official Web sites 

Virtual Reality

VRML Equinox Information 
Virtus Voyager 
VRML Repository 
Dave Miller earth science vrml qtvr shockwave science education web pages 
CIAC Web Security 

ASU Links

ASU Directory Search
ASU Home Page
ASU Electronic Post Office AccountUpdate Facility
ASU Information Technology
ASU Landsat Image server
ASU Geology Department Homepage 
ASU Research Programming Support 
ASU Libraries 
ASU Libraries GEOREF
Sycamore Creek, Nancy Grimm, and the Desert Streams Ecosystem project 
ASU Communications consulting
ASU Statistics consulting

Other Cool Stuff

Hypertext Webster Interface 
US Naval Observatory official TIME 
United States Universities and Colleges 
FEDEX Airbill Tracking Form 
DHL Package Tracking 
National Address Server 
AMI News Recreational Network - Ski Conditions 
Southwest Airlines Ticketless Travel 
Lanz Works 
ADOT Freeway Management System 
Currency converter
English, Spanish, German, Japanese, Italian, Portuguese, or French Translator
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