Images from the Alai Valley and western Trans Alai (Za alaisky) Range fron geologic field investigations in summer 1996. Photos by Ramon Arrowsmith

The crew: Ramon Arrowsmith, Mischa Kornilov, Alim, and manfred Strecker with Pik Lenin in the back.

Pik Derzhinsky (6717 m) with Pik Lenin (7134 m) on the left.

View up (south) the Minjar drainage (about 15 km west of Pik Lenin). Spectacular fluvial terraces.

View west of person on top of fault scarp with offset gravels below. At the range front at the Komansu River (about 10 km west of Pik Lenin).

Boys adjacent to young surface break due to relatively recent, but probably prehistoric, earthquake (near Minjar River).