GLG310 Structural Geology

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Geology gear

Miners Geologist's Equipment Supply--get some good gear here

Plate tectonics

Seafloor Topography from David Sandwell, Scripps Institute of Oceanography You are strongly encouraged to look around at the seafloor on these images. The seafloor holds much of the key to understanding plate tectonics.
Southern California Earthquake Center Velocity model (release 2) Note the distribution of deformation across the plate boundary.

Lab-related links

Strike and dip

Clarification on the dip/dip direction and other strike and dip notation from Josh Coyan


Stereonet 3D from Steve Reynolds. Very cool

Strain exercise

Strain exercise

GLG 310 Structural Geology Links

Steve Reynold's pages

Gallery of apparent dips
The Hidden Earth -- Visualizing Subsurface Geology
Arizona Geology 3D
3D Geologic Map Gallery
Gallery of virtual topography

Other links

Teaching resources in Structural Geology -- Leeds University
Davis and Reynolds Structural Geology of Rocks and regions
Arrowsmith Structural Geology links
Active Tectonics and Earthquakes links
Arizona Earth Sciences
Computers in Geology Course

Information from previous years of this course

Virtual planes and topography assignment
Information about the Structural ananalysis (Stereonets and folding for Barnhard Canyon data analysis)
Here are a couple more from Jeanne Cox:

GLG310 Structural Geology

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