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American Ethnic History
by Michael Winkelman

(ISBN: 978-0-7575-3064-7)
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Text Description:
Cultural diversity is at the foundation of the United States and American culture. This text provides coverage of the development of the major ethnic streams in the U.Sd.—First Nations (Native American), English, African, Hispanic, Asian, and Arab and Islamic Americans. The book is organized into three historical eras: the Colonial period, the new U.S. nation of the 18th and 19th centuries, and the 20th century. The text provides coverage of material appropriate for classes in: American History; sociology and anthropology of American Ethnicity and Ethnic and Racial Relations; and Cross-cultural Psychology, Social Work and Nursing.

Chapter 1: Cultural Systems & Psychocultural Models
Chapter 2: Prehistoric Native Americans
Chapter 3: Hispanic America
Chapter 4: English Colonization
Chapter 5: African Americans in Colonial America
Chapter 6: Native Americans under European Colonization
Chapter 7: Foundations of Euopean America
Chapter 8: African Americans Struggle for Emancipation
Chapter 9: Mexican America: Conquest of the Southwest
Chapter 10: European Immigration: The Second Wave
Chapter 11: African Americans follow Emancipation
Chapter 12: The Asianization of America
Chapter 13: Native Americans on the Reservation system
Chapter 14: White America
Chapter 15: Black in White America
Chapter 16: Hispanic Americans: “La Raza Cosmica”
Chapter 17: Asian & Pacific Americans
Chapter 18: Arab & Muslim Americans
Chapter 19: Native Americans First Nations

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Auxiliary Material
Test banks and power points of chapters available; email “Ethnic Relations in the U.S.” course material also available as a online course.
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