P. bicolor terrarium [Coming SOON]

Dendrobatid Frogs

aka Dart Poison Frogs
Species: Phyllobates, Dendrobates, Epipedobates
Minyobates and Aromobates
D. azureus vivarium [Coming SOON]

My frogs

For a complete list of dendrobates species, see Anthony Hundt's Frog Page.

The Plants

Here is a list of the plants (both epiphitic and terrestial) that I grow in my terrariums/vivarium. For lighting, I like triphosphor bulbs (Triton, Corallife, Pen Plax) with high CRI and lumens. A great source for plants is T & C Terrariums in Flordia: [a.j.calisi@worldnet.att.net; URL at bottom of page].

Most Wanted list

   Heterixalus madagascariensis

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