Teaching: Courses at ASU

CSE 230 Computer Organization and Assembly Language

CSE 301 Computing Ethics

CSE 310 Data Structure and Algorithms

CSE 408 Multimedia Information Systems

CSE 509 Digital Video Processing 

CSE 591 Statistical Learning & Pattern Recognition


Office:  Brickyard 502

E-mail: Baoxin.Li  at  asu.edu



The courses materials for the above classes are available to ASU students through the Blackboard system at http://myasucourses.asu.edu.


[ The Blackboard course content delivery system is used to engage students in their course work. This may be used to post syllabi, make announcements, send a class email to students, post class notes or a variety of other activities. Areas can be created in which groups can work on projects keeping their materials in one virtual place. Students may turn in assignments online and also view their grades through the interface. ]