Chris A. Martin
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Welcome to my faculty web site. I am a landscape horticulturist and ecosystem stress plant physiologist who is interested in urban landscape sustainability. I maintain an active and extramurally funded research program with opportunities for both graduate and undergraduate students to explore innovative technologies and practices that will help our society improve it's future trajectory toward a more sustainble use of environmental resources.

I view sustainable urban landscapes as those that are designed, installed and managed by people in ways that over the course of time are able to improve human health, quality of life and commerce without excessive consumption of natural resources. My goal realized through my teaching and creative scholarship in the College of Integrative Sciences and Arts at Arizona State University is to educate people about the impacts of their attitudes, decisions, practices, and behaviors on urban ecosystem function and ecosystem service potential. As cities in arid ecoregions expand, one of the keys to their future sustainability is to ensure that outdoor landscapes, particularly the vast portion of landscapes that exist in residential parts of cities, are conceived and managed to concomitantly balance the delivery of ecosystem services with the conservation of natural resources.

Please explore this web site to learn more about my research, teaching activities, and sustainable horticulture at Arizona State University.
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