Scientific: Setcreasea pallida (syn. Tradscantia pallida)
Common: purple heart
Family: Commelinaceae
Origin: Mexico

Pronounciation: Set-CREE-as-e-a pal-LI-da

Hardiness zones
12-24 (outdoors), as an indoor plant everywhere
USDA 9-11 (outdoors), as an indoor plant everywhere

Landscape Use: In shaded landscape situations makes a wonderful small scale accent ground cover, shaded entryway plantings, atriums, containers, raised planter beds, hanging baskets.

Form & Character: Sprawling and trailing, succulent, royalty, tropical to subtropical.

Growth Habit: Herbaceous perennial, moderately trailing and prostrate to 1 foot in height with MUCH greater spread, forms adventitiously rooting stolons and rhizomes.

Foliage/Texture: Alternate, purple foliage, cupped, elongated, clasping around a succulent purple stem; medium coarse texture.

Flowers & Fruits: Flowers and fruit are generally apical and hidden, inconspicuous, horticulturally insignificant.

Seasonal Color: None, though purple foliage is most attractive during warm season.

Temperature: Freezing temperatures will damage foliage, plant quickly recovers as weather warms.

Light: Partial shade best, though tolerant of full sun east and south exposures (no west exposure) and full shade.

Soil: Well drained, organic.

Watering: Regular

Pruning: Head back to control spread.

Propagation: Easy by stem cuttings.

Disease and pests: None

Additional comments: Surprisingly tough landscape plant in the Phoenix area. Strong foliar accent. Great sub-shrub for lower desert shade gardens.