Homework 3. (Due march 7th, 2006)

(i) Page 341, Q 19.3 (ii) Compute P(Q/P11,P8,P5) with respect to the polytree in Page 333 (Figure 19.4)

Homework 2. (Due Feb 16th, 2006 -- moved to Feb 21st, 2006)

Download CBioC from http://www.cbioc.org and install it. Write a critic (at least 2 single spaced pages) of what you don't like about CBioC and suggest improvments. Use the following (detailed document on how to evaluate CBioC.)

Homework 1. (Due Feb 14th, 2006)

Make a transcript of the relevant portions of the Roche-Genetics CDROM. The relevant portion consists of the subsections `Genes' and `Identifying Genes and their functions' in the section ``Introduction to Genetics (Journey through the cell)''. Your transcript need not have figures or pictures. You need to cover the ``Deeper Level'' part. (IMPORTANT: You must do this by tourself. You must not collaborate with your classmates or look in the web for the transcript.)