CSE 494/598 Building and Programming Mobile Robots


The goal of this course is to make students understand: (i) the different components of a mobile robot; (ii) the principles behind building a mobile robot; and (iii) the difficulties involved in developing the control for an autonomous robot that needs to interact in an undoctered environment.


Students will be required to first build a mobile robot with Legos, simple sensors, motors and program them in the Interactive C language. After that they will be required to program a pre-built mobile robot so that it can autonomously navigate in an office environment avoiding static and moving obstacles.

Course Line number: 87615/15210 Credit Hours: Three


Class Schedule: 10:40-11:55 TTH Class room: ECG 315


Instructor: Professor Chitta Baral


Telephone: 480-727-6047 Email: chitta@asu.edu


Experience in programming in C.

Consult the instructor for any question concerning prerequisites.

Topic Outline:

1.       Sensors and actuators in a mobile robot.

2.       The subsumption architecture.

3.       Obstacle avoidance, positioning and navigation in an office environment.

4.       Dynamic and reactive planning.

5.       Control arcitecture for autonomous mobile robots.

6.       Reasoning about knowledge and planning in presence of incompleteness.

7.       Interleaving planning and execution.

8.       MDP and POMDP.



Evaluation methods: Homework 20%, Project & Presentation 60%, Exam 20%

Recommended Reading:


         Mobile Robots: Inspiration to Implementation.
by Joseph L. Jones and Anita M. Flynn, A K. Peters publishers.

         Artificial Intelligence and Mobile Robots.

By Kortencamp, Bonasso and Murphy. MIT Press.

         Current literature.