Material covered on Aug 25th

Introduction to the course and grading. Importance and significance of Knowledge representation. History. Why classical logic is not good. Various non-monotonic logics.

Material covered on Aug 27th

The progress towards AnsProlog: Prolog, closed world assumption. Covered the definitions and examples in pages 8-11 in the book. Tweety flies example, and ancestor example.

Assignment for Sept 3:

Load smodels and dlv systems in your computer and play with it by coding the ancestor and tweety example. If possible bring your laptop to the class. Read pages 11-13, the definition of ground(\Pi) (page 15), and pages 17-26. Have a quick look at pages 391-394 and 403-408.

Reading Assignment for Sept 8th:

Read pages 17-26. Write Smodels code for the programs in pages 47-52.

Reading Assigniment for Sept 10th, and 15th:

Revise pages 17-26 (especially the notions: AnsProlog^-not, AnsProlog, Herbrand interpretation, model, minimal and least model, answerset/stable model of AnsProlog and AnsProlog^-not programs, iterated fixpoint characterization, Examples 11-14, Definition 10.). Read pages 47-52, 93-97, 113-120, 27-32, 73-81.

Programming assignment: Given Sept 15th, Due Sept 29th

Use Smodels to solve the following logic puzzle at

Programming assignment 2: Given Sept 25th, Due Oct 6th

Use Smodels to solve the following logic puzzle at

Programming assignment 3 : Given Oct 22nd, due Nov 3rd

This one is worth double the credit as the other assignments.

Homework 4: Given Nov 14th, due Nov 19th.

19.4 and 19.5 (pages 340-341) from the last handout (in the reserved section in Noble library) and compute P(Q | P8, P11, P2) with respect to figure 19.4 (page 333).