CSE 571 Academic Integrity Policy

As defined in the ASU Student Academic Integrity Policy, each student has an obligation to act with honesty and integrity, and to respect the rights of others in carrying out all academic assignments. A student may be found to have viol ated this obligation and to have engaged in academic dishonesty if during or in connection with any academic evaluation, he or she:

Following the process defined in the Student Academic Integrity Policy, any student who is found to have violated the University Student Academic Integriy Policy will, as a minimum, be removed from CSE 571 with a grade of E. The names of the violators will be maintained in the departmental files. The repeat offenders may be debarred from the University. The Integrity Policy defines the process to be used if the student wishes to appeal this action.

Note that for the homework assignments of CSE 571, students are encouraged to discuss the assignment problems with other students, but one is expected to turn in the results of one's own effort (not the results of a friend's efforts). If it is a group assignment, the same applies for the members of each group --- that is, the whole group is supposed to be involved in solving all of the different parts of the assignment.