Impact of having an IIT/NIS in Orissa

Some may wonder how does having an IIT or NIS (National institute of Science) in Orissa helps Orissa, when the students are selected by an All India Examination. Because of the above, it is also important that the location of an IIT/NIS be a metropolitan area with other amenities. Otherwise the IIT/NIS will have difficulty in attracting good faculty and the other multiplier effects, as described above, is much less. In fact an IIT/NIS in a non-metropolitan area has very little impact on that area. As an IIT Kharagpur alumni, so far (Sept 2005) I did not notice IIT Kharagpur having any non-trivial impact on Kharagpur. All students after finishing leave Kharagpur. Most professors when they retire leave Kharagpur. etc. [I just read (Sept 15, 2005) some news items about the first Bio-Tech park in West Bengal to be set up near IIT Kharagpur. I hope this is a start and there is further impact of IIT KGP on Kharagpur and the surrounding areas.]