2/07/09: Remember to indicate the division into subteams by 12 February; an email to the instructor suffices for this.

1/30/09: Although two students have yet to reply, I have gone ahead and formed teams. You should have received an email indicating which team you are on. Groups for the teams have been formed on the myasu dite, which you can use for email, discussion, and file exchange.

1/30/09: I have posted the lecture notes, a powerpoint with presentation guidelines, and the professional codes of ethics, on the myasu site.

1/29/09: I will be forming the teams on Friday 30 January. I was expecting to complete it today, but was short eight responses. After contacting people, it appears that at least four emails sent to me on 22 January were lost. I have now heard from five of the eight people, and so will (mostly) finalize the teams and contact them tomorrow (the 30th).

1/15/09: This will be updated with news about the class as it becomes available.