CSE 355 Class News and Announcements:


12/2/06: Bonus midterm solutions are posted on the syllabus page. You can also get them here.

11/28/06: Homework 6 due date is as follows. (1) If you hand it in by class time on 11/30, it will be graded and returned on 12/5 in class; (2) if you hand it in in class on 12/5, it will be graded and placed outside my office door no later than 12/9; and (3) solutions will be posted on 12/5 at class time.

11/17/06: Homework 5 solutions are posted.

11/15/06: Homework 6 is posted and is due on the 30th. The bonus midterm will be returned on the 21st.

11/07/06: Homework 5 due date changed to the 16th. On the 14th we will have a "bonus midterm" that is optional. See the syllabus page for details.

11/07/06: Midterm 2 was handed back today, and also taken up.

10/10/06: Homework 4 is posted, due 26 October.

10/10/06: Midterm 1 was handed back on 10/5/06, and will be taken up in class today.

9/25/06: Midterm 1 will cover Chapters 1, 2, 3, and 5. We will finish Chapter 5 on 9/26.

9/25/06: Homework 3 is posted now, due 10 October.

9/13/06: Homework 1 solutions are posted on the syllabus page.

9/1/06: There is now a myasu site and the PDFs of notes from the first three chapters are there, under "Course Documents". Also, homework 2 is now posted.

9/1/06: I will be travelling 9/2-9/15. Toni Farley will teach the classes on the 5th, 7th, 12th, and 14th. Homework 2 will be posted early. See the TA for questions about the homeworks. Do not hesitate to email me, but please understand that the time zone I will be in is nine hours different from Arizona, and my email access may be limited at times.

8/29/06: Homework 1 is posted, due 12 September. Check the syllabus page for the link.

8/29/06: I am working on a way to post the lecture notes for Chapter 2. I will add a note here when done. 9/1/06: I requested a myasu site to post these, but have not received any information about it yet. I will update this once I do.

8/29/06: Thanks for all of the schedules. It appears that lectures will continue at the usual times, with a substitute for a few of the classes.

8/24/06: To find the copies of the overheads used in class, look on the syllabus page.

7/22/06: This will be updated with news about the class as it becomes available.