CSE 355 Class News and Announcements:


11/17/10: Because of limited availability of class website on public.asu.edu, the due date for Homework 5 is now 23 November in class.

11/03/10: Homework 5 is posted, due 18 November. Note that this is the LAST homework for the class.

10/20/10: Midterm 2 is on 28 October, and will cover Chapters 3, 4, and part of 7. Note that 4.6-4.8 were not covered in class and will not be tested.

10/20/10: There will be no office hour on 25 October and no class on 26 October. I can be reached by email with any questions, and the TA will be holding his usual office hours.

10/10/10: My office hour for Monday 10/18/10 will not happen but I will hold one on Tuesday 10/19/10 from 2:00-3:00.

10/10/10: My office hour for Monday 10/11/10 will not happen but I will hold one on Tuesday 10/12/10 from 2:00-3:00.

09/27/10: The first midterm is on Thursday, 09/30, in class. It is closed book and closed notes, but open mind (I hope). The sections covered are Chapters 2, 5 (except 5.7), and 6 (except 6.3 and 6.7).

09/27/10: Solutions for homework 2 are posted.

09/17/10: My apologies. I mistakenly posted a version of the sample solutions from the TA that contained an error in the solution to problem 5.10. I have posted (hopefully corrected) sample solutions now.

09/07/10: The due date for Homework 1 has been postponed until 14 September, because of the delays in getting a TA in place for the class. This does not affect the due dates of later homeworks, at least so far!

09/06/10: Homework 2 is posted, due 23 September.

09/05/10: As mentioned in class, we now have a TA lined up. He is Wade Huber. I will post his office hours as soon as they are determined.

8/25/10: Office hours are posted.

8/24/10: Read Chapter 1 for review, and read Chapter 2 for current material being covered. First homework will be posted 8/26.

08/17/10: Due to a change in teaching assignments, I will be teaching this course instead of Professor Konjevod. More information will be posted here as it becomes available.