12/05/13: On Tuesday the 10th of December, Aaron (the TA) will hold a question-and-answer session in BYENG 210 from 1:30 until 2:30. If you have specific questions, email him by Monday the 9th and he will try to answer your questions.

12/04/13: For the final, TWO SHEETS of notes are permitted.

11/19/13: For midterm 2, ONE SHEET of notes is permitted. A standard sized sheet of paper, both sides, typed or handwritten, is ok.

11/03/13: Homework 5 (the last) is posted.

10/21/13: My usual office hour on 10/24 will instead be on 10/25 from 9:30-10:30 a.m.

10/20/13: Homework 4 is posted.

10/15/13: As you can see on the syllabus page, the grades on midterm 1 were lower than they should be. Rather than scale the grades at this time, in class tomorrow we will take the last 20 minutes to provide everyone with an opportunity to earn as many as 15 more points (to be added to the midterm grade out of 50 that you have already). There will be three short questions, similar to the midterm questions, and 20 minutes in which to answer them. As with the midterm, no book, notes, or communication devices.

10/09/13: Homework 3 is posted.

10/02/13: As announced in class on Monday, homework 2 can be handed in today in class OR during my office hour tomorrow (Thursday 03 October) before 10:30 a.m. Homeworks that are not received by 10:30 on 03 October will be considered late.

09/21/13: Solutions for homework 1 are posted.

09/17/13: Homework 2 is posted.

09/04/13: Homework 1 is posted.

08/01/13: This will be updated with news about the class as it becomes available.