10/26/15: Interim grades have been submitted and should be available to students this weekend. If you are not content with the grade that you have at this time, you should figure out a plan that will work for you to esnure that you do better on the last two homework assignments and the final exam. Please do not expect the outcome to change without a very real effort to identify and resolve the reasons that you are not receiving the grade that you want or expect.
If on the other hand you are content with the grade that you currently have, please continue your effort through the end of the course. We cover a lot of material, and the course does not slow down from this point on.

09/17/15: A message from the Disability Resource Center: A notetaker is needed for this class. In exchange for providing this service, the selected notetaker will be paid a stipend of $25.00 per credit, i.e. total of $75 for a 3 credit class OR if preferred, awarded a letter of community service at the end of the semester. If you take clear, concise notes and are willing to share a copy, please contact Prof. Colbourn to receive instructions on how to sign up online.

09/15/15: Homework 2 is posted.

09/01/15: Homework 1 is posted.

08/31/15: One of the students has set up a Facebook group for the course at https://www.facebook.com/groups/cse355fall2015asu/

08/01/15: This will be updated with news about the class as it becomes available.