5/08/09: I have repaired the link to the "bonus" midterm solution from fall 2006 on the web page there. Here is the final from fall 2006 without solutions.

5/08/09: Sorry, I have to change office hour today to 11-12 instead of 1-2.

5/03/09: To prepare for the exam, I will hold two office hours this week. The first is WEDNESDAY 06 May, 12:30-1:30. The second is FRIDAY 08 May, 1:00-2:00. Do not leave questions until the last moment.

4/30/09: Homeworks 5 and 6 have both been returned, so now all work has been returned. If you have not picked up any graded work, please do so during one of the office hours.

4/14/09: PDF for homework 6 is posted.

4/10/09: Homework 6 is posted.

4/6/09: My office hour on 04/16/09 will be instead on 4/15/09 from 12:30-1:30.

4/6/09: My office hour on 04/07/09 is canceled.

4/6/09: Please see the syllabus page to see how grades on midterms 1 and 2 will be "scaled". Solutions for midterm 2 are posted and solutions for midterm 1 (including the explanation of grading) are re-posted.

3/28/09: Homework 5 is posted.

3/28/09: Midterm 2 is on 4/02 in class. It covers to the end of Chapter 3. It is closed book.

3/28/09: Homework 4 is due on 3/31 at the start of class, because the TA will be taking up sample solutions for homework 4 that day.

3/27/09: My office hour on Tuesday 3/31 is moved to MONDAY 3/30, 10:00-11:00.

3/16/09: Homework 4 is posted now.

3/03/09: In view of the problems that students are having with the midterm and homework 2, I have postponed the due date for homework 3, ON THE CONDITION THAT students will (a) come to my office hours, (b) ask questions in class, and (c) email questions to me to answer questions in class. For class on 3/05, please email questions by the evening of 3/04 and I will spend time in class answering as many questions as I can.

3/03/09: Homework 2 was handed back today.

2/25/09: Solutions to the midterm are posted. It will be taken up in class 2/26/09.

2/25/09: Solutions to Homework 2 are posted.

2/21/09: Homework 3 is posted. It is due BEFORE spring break so the time is short to get it done!

2/09/09: Homework 2 is posted as a pdf file.

1/26/09: Homework 1 is posted. Start on it early!

1/23/09: The TA's office hours and contact information are posted.

1/19/09: I have heard numerous concerns that my section is full. At the time of writing, there are nine seats in the other section (yes, there is another section). I understand that some people need my section time in order to fit their schedule and am hoping that some of those registered in my section will change to the other. Please monitor the free spaces on a regular basis, as I cannot let more people into my section.

1/18/09: There have been many requests from graduate students for a waiver from this course. The CSE department has decided that I am the only person empowered to determine eligibility for such waivers, so please follow the instructions below carefully.

If you have taken an equivalent course at another institution, you should bring

  1. the syllabus from the course indicating the text used and the sections covered;
  2. some evidence that the work undertaken has been evaluated and graded (copies of tests, exams, and homeworks would be useful)
to my office hour on Tuesday 20 January.

If you have not taken the course elsewhere, do not have these materials, or I cannot determine from the materials provided that the course is equivalent to CSE 355, then there is exactly one opportunity to write a test to demonstrate that you do know the material. The test is on Tuesday January 20 from 2:30 until 4:30, and covers the relevant sections of Sipser's book. It is closed book. (Meet at my office, 444 BY, at 2:30 and we will move to a nearby room for the test.)

1/15/09: This will be updated with news about the class as it becomes available.