05/11/11: I hope to complete the grading and post final grades on Friday.

04/28/11: We have finished the lecture material. The TA will handle the class on Tuesday 03 May. He will hand back homework 5, discuss some problems, and take questions.

04/07/11: In class today I indicated that I would compute grades to date to indicate where the overall grades stand. To get your overall grade to date, let H be the sum of your three homework three marks and let H' = 18*H/150. Then let N be the number you get by dividing your midterm 1 grade out of 60 by 4. Let M be the number you get by multiplying your midterm 2 grade out of 50 by 3/10. Add H', N, and M to get a total T out of 48, the number of grades that you could have earned so far. Convert to a percentage by multiplying T by 25/12.
Among the graduate students in the class, the sorted grades so obtained are: 91.83 87.75 86.42 85.33 84.94 82.21 80.13 80.04 78.85 74.56 74.13 71.85 67.08 66.52 66.17 65.79 64.56 62.46
Among the undergraduate (and other) students in the class, the sorted grades so obtained are: 93.92 93.44 91.88 88.13 87.63 85.15 84.25 83.81 83.65 82.69 79.75 77.50 77.31 76.69 73.90 72.96 72.46 71.44 71.27 71.08 71.02 70.88 69.98 69.85 69.54 68.75 68.40 68.13 67.67 66.83 66.19 64.63 64.58 64.23 63.96 62.94 62.56 60.50 59.35 59.08 58.02 57.85 57.06 56.38 55.81 54.98 54.77 54.63 54.60 51.17 50.02 47.60 46.35 42.52 39.88 39.38 36.73 30.29 13.65

To interpret these at this point in time, here is how I read them:
the range 80-100 is an A
the range 70-80 is a B
the range 60-70 is a C
the range 50-60 is a D
the range 0-50 is an E

There are a lot of marks still to be earned, and this is meant to give you an idea of where you stand. A low grade at this point can be much improved by a good final exam, and a high grade at this point is not enough to ensure a high grade at the end, so don't coast over the finish line. Primarily this is to help you understand where you are compared to the rest of the class.

04/06/11: Solutions and grade distribution are posted for Midterm 2.

04/06/11: Some of my future office hours will be changed as follows:
Instead of Thursday 14 April, I will have Tuesday 12 April, 12:00-1:00.
Instead of Monday 18 April, I will have Tuesday 19 April, 2:00-3:00.

03/30/11: I still do not have any information about the grading of Homework 3. I will post information when I do.

03/23/11: Homework 4 is posted.

03/12/11: Solutions for homework 3 are posted.

03/07/11: I revised the due dates for homeworks 4 and 5 so that (1) there is not a homework due on the date of the second midterm, and (2) you can use spring break to catch up on reading for the course.

03/05/11: I have dropped one part of the fifth question of Homework 3, because we have not covered the material for that yet. Instead that question (2.36) will be on Homework 4.

03/02/11: My office hour scheduled for Monday, 21 March is moved to Tuesday, 22 March from 1:00-2:00.

03/02/11: My office hour scheduled for Thursday, 10 March is moved to Tuesday, 08 March, 1:30-2:30, so that it is before the due date for homework 3.

02/28/11: Solutions for the first midterm are posted, and the grade distribution is on the front page of the solutions. See the syllabus page.

02/22/11: Solutions for homework 2 are posted -- see the syllabus page.

02/20/11: The first midterm, on 24 February, covers all of Chapter 1 in Sipser.

02/20/11: Homework 3 is posted, due March 10 at the start of class.

02/17/11: Homework 1 was returned. A grade distribution is on the syllabus page.

02/08/11: Solutions for Homework 1 are posted -- see the syllabus page.

02/08/11: Nearly half of the homeworks submitted for Homework 1 arrived after the time at which the homework was due. In the future, homeworks that are not submitted at the beginning of class will not be graded. (I guess people did not realize that "start of class" means "start of class" this time -- but there should be no confusion about this from now on.)

02/06/11: Homework #2 is posted, due 22 February.

01/24/11: Homework #1 is posted, due 08 February. It covers material in Sipser Sections 1.1 and 1.2, which you should read carefully.

12/22/10: The course has registered full to the room capacity at this time. I have no mechanism to authorize overrides when the section is full.

12/22/10: This will be updated with news about the class as it becomes available.