4/13/13: Homework 3 should be available for pick up at Erin's office hour on Monday.

4/13/13: Midterm 3 on 4/16 covers the sections of Chapter 2 covered after Midterm 2, and covers Chapter 3.

3/05/13: Due to popular demand, the next test date has been changed from 19 March to 21 March. Based on the class consensus it will be open book and open notes; no computers or electronic devices. It covers portions of Chapter 2, as follows: all of 2.1, section 2.2 with the omission of the formal proof of equivalence of CFG and PDA (i.e. pages 117-125), and section 2.3. Although it does not specifically cover the Chapter 1 material, some questions may involve using techniques and results that we learned from Chapter 1.
Erin will come on the 19th to do some examples and answer questions. You can email her at least 24 hour before if there is a specific question that you want addressed.

3/02/13: Solutions and grade distribution for midterm 1 posted. Papers will be returned on 3/05.

3/02/13: Homework 3 is posted, due 02 April. But get started on it before the next midterm on 19 March!

2/26/13: Solutions for homework 2 are posted. Graded homework should be returned on 7 March.

2/11/13: Homework 2 is posted, due 26 February.

2/05/13: Solutions for homework 1 are posted.

1/21/12: Homework 1 is posted. Not all questions are to be graded, but you should attempt them all. (The questions not to be graded are indicated on the homework.)

12/28/12: This will be updated with news about the class as it becomes available.