05/06/16: Final grades are posted. Grades cannot be changed simply because a student wants, or even needs, a higher grade. All final exams that resulted in a low grade have been double checked, so do not ask for them to be checked yet again. Under no circumstances will I discuss the grading of the final examination, nor will I post the exam, nor will I post solutions, nor will I discuss solutions.

If you missed homework submissions, or attended very few recitations, the reason for a lower score may lie there rather than with the final exam.

It is possible to view your paper. You cannot make a copy and cannot dispute the grade. Questions are answered thoroughly in class, recitations, help sessions, and office hours during the semester. But the course has ended now, so questions regarding the correct answers for the final examination will not now be answered; they were all answered during the course.

I will hold an office hour on Monday 23 May, 10:00-11:00 a.m., for students who wish to view (not discuss) their final exam. Email me in advance if you plan to come, so that I can have your paper available.

04/25/16: The final exam comes as one stapled packet, in which will be (1) a cover sheet with instructions, (2) an answer sheet for 40 multiple choice questions, (3) the 40 multiple choice questions, and (4) five questions that require longer responses.
You will need to separate the packet by removing the staple. Then write your name and student number on the sheets for each of parts (2) and (4). The papers will be collected by having one person collect parts (1,2,3), the other part (4).
Multiple choice questions are each worth 1 mark. The five longer questions are two worth 15 each, three worth 10 each.

04/24/16: As announced in class four times, the final exam room is NOT the classroom. It is BAC 216. The time remains unchanged.

04/23/16: Homework 5 can be picked up from the TA on 29 April from 4:00 to 5:00 p.m. It will not be returned in class on 28 April.

02/04/16: Many students handed in their homework after the start of class. Some asked to hand it in hours after the class was over, and after the solutions were posted. If you want to be sure that you get the proper credit for it, hand in homework at the start of class. Certainly no homework submitted after sample solutions are posted will receive any credit.

02/04/16: There will be no class on 09 February. All recitations and office hours will run the week of 08-12 February as usual.

02/02/16: My office hour on Thursday 02/04 will be from 1:00-2:00 rather than its usual time of 9:00-10:00.

02/02/16: The help sessions early Friday morning do not seem to be at a time that students want, so they will be held instead on a less regular basis, typically 2-3 days before a homework is due. Recitations are primarily for extra discussion of the course material; Questions about, and help with, homework is best discussed in the help sessions, or in the TA office hours, or by emailing the TA.

02/01/16: Remember that Homework 1 is due on Thursday at the start of class. If for some reason you must arrive late to class, or must miss class, email a copy of the homework to the TA, copying the instructor, and deliver the paper copy as soon as possible thereafter. Late work may not be graded unless delivered on time by email; and late means any time after the start of class, including just a few minutes after.

01/07/16: This will be updated with news about the class as it becomes available.